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A Breeze To Work With

Voice Over With Confidence, Class & a Bit of Sass

WHAT I do: I'm a voice actor. My mission is to harness the full spectrum of my vocal abilities, emotional range, and personal essence to authentically convey stories and messages. Sounds a little dramatic, but that's kind of our thing - if we don't feel the connection, neither will you!

WHO I work with: I work with high-level producers, directors, and creators...

HOW I can help you: reach their audiences, evoke desired emotions, and compel listeners to take the actions envisioned by the content creators.

WHY I'm the voice you can trust: You're not just a number. I take the time to connect with your message so your message connects with your audience - and your audience is compelled to answer your Call To Action.

WHEN and WHERE: I'm a full-time voice actor with a flexible schedule and broadcast quality home studio to accommodate YOUR production schedule. I can connect with you via Source Connect (not the freebie!), Zoom, Google Meet, Skype, smoke signals or morse code, or you can just send me your script, and I'll record to your specifications and deliver right to your in-box with plenty of time left over for coffee.

What Clients Are Saying:

"Reliable and always on time!"

eye of the storm.png
About Storm

I was born on a dark and stormy night.

True story! Thunder, lightning, fire on the freeway. Good times.


I grew up desperately wanting to become a mad scientist, which may or may not have had anything to do with the epic manner in which I arrived on the planet.


Then I realized just how competitive that market can be, and the ungodly amount of math involved. NOPE.

Broadcast Quality Home Studio


TLM 103, Sphere DLX Mics, UA Apollo Twin Interface 


24 - 48 Hour Turnaround,

Priority Delivery Available


Files formatted to your specifications

Vocal Profile:


Mid - Low Range

Middle Age Female 

Confident, Rebellious, Dramatic


Quirky, Humorous, Mischievous

Powerful, Inspiring, Distinctive

Alluring, Luxurious, Soothing



Happy Clients

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Storm Watters_First Bank
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Storm Watters_Bored Panda
Storm Watters_Honda
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Hey, thanks for stopping by!

I know your project is your baby.

You want to share it with the universe, you want it to be AWESOME. And so do I! Clients like NASA, BMW, Toyota, and Crowned Daemon Studios have trusted me to help them make their message and characters relatable and compelling.


Whether you need a creepy creature voice or a warm, friendly storyteller, I can’t wait to help you make your project stand out (in a good way)!


Drop me a message, and let's light up your project! 🌩️

Thank you for reaching out! Your details were sent successfully. If you haven't heard back within 24 hours, please resend directly to!

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