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"I can't recommend Storm enough. I was really impressed by the technical and artistic qualities of her work; the overwhelming majority of her recordings were simply perfect. She demonstrated a thorough understanding of her character briefs and imbued her recordings with nuance and subtlety. Her lines sounded better than they did in my head when I wrote them. She is also a wonderfully helpful, cheerful person who is happy to go the extra mile."

Nick Pearce, Modern Storyteller Creative Director

"Working with Storm has been an absolute pleasure - she voiced several characters for our game and showed both a remarkable range and the ability to convincingly convey emotion. She was very reliable and always delivered on time."

Nicolas Lietzau, SureAI Project Lead and THQNordic Narrative Designer


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It can hold your audience's attention and compel your viewers to take action. 

Keep your callers from hanging up and calling your competition, instead.


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Video Game Characters | Animation | Commercial | Explainer | e-Learning | Telephony


"Your voice is quite versatile... all your performances seem really confident and clear. Your voice also has a nice, nuanced, mature quality to it."

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